Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ETA Canada?

Ans: An ETA stands for Electronic Travel Authorization, which is a travel entry requirement for the visa-exempt nationals who want to travel to Canada by Air. ETA is electronically linked to the travellers passport.

My Canadian ETA is Valid For?

Ans: An ETA is Valid for 5 years or till the passport expires, whichever comes first. It’s a Multiple entry visa, Maximum period of stay is 6 months on each visit but also depending on the immigration officer as he/she may reduce it and stamp the date declared.

Can I Renew My Canadian ETA?

Ans: Usually two situations arrive in this case.

(1) Passport gets expired before ETA. As your ETA is electronically attached with your passport, it becomes null automatically when your passport expires. Apply for a new passport and you will need to apply for a new ETA.

(2) Your ETA gets expired before your passport. Canadian immigration authorities do not currently offer travelers the possibility of extending a previously approved eTA Canada past its expiry date. You need to apply for a new ETA Visa which is easy and quick.

What should I do to avoid Reapplying for ETA Canada?

Ans: An ETA Canada is provided for a full 5 years. We advise you to submit a passport with 5 years remaining validity prior to its expiry date to have the full ETA Visa period. Though this is not a formal requirement but with this you can make the most of your application period well. The conflict of ETA expirare/Passport expire will be erased too.

May I Know What Can be the Reasons for ETA Canada Refusal?

Ans: You may get refusal or refused to entry at Canada immigration border for below reasons,

  • Crime conviction, Criminal offense
  • National security breaches
  • Health issues
  • Lack of funds to support the travel
  • Improper / False information
  • Organized crime such as money laundering or human trafficking
  • Relationships with one or more people who are inadmissible in Canada
  • Incorrect information provided
  • Spelling errors that cause information to mismatch
  • False information
How Can I Check If My ETA is Still Valid?

Ans: With your ETA Approval email, we will notify you of the expiry date of your ETA Canada Visa. You can also talk to one of our visa experts any time to know further on it.

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