How to Apply Canada ETA Visa

To apply for Canada ETA, Each applicant needs to fill out the ETA application form individually. ETA approval depends on the successful completion of ETA application form. The form is quite easy and a step by step process. Please follow our below guidelines to know how to successfully fill out the ETA application form

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Step 01

Make sure to read out the caution paragraphs before you fill out. The very first step of the ETA form is to answer the question of “Are you applying on behalf of someone? If you are applying for yourself then select NO, otherwise if you are applying for someone then please select Yes. As you can see on selecting ‘Yes’ some more mandatory questions will popup under this section. Answer each of them accordingly Please.

Step 02

After that, you need to fill out the applicant’s details. Select the travel documents, Select your nationality, Provide your travel documents or passport number and upload the scanned information page of your Travel documents or passport. To know more about how to upload your passport page accurately please click on the link below. Once you have uploaded the travel documents in the right way, please provide your surname and given name afterwards. Select your Gender, your Date and place of Birth accordingly.

Step 03

Next provide your travel documents issue date and expiry date, Please recheck the dates as they are very important factors to get your ETA. Next answer the question of Dual citizenship and Marital Status. Now the next question is important for the Canadian Govt to know whether you have ever applied or obtained a Canadian visa or not. Answer it accordingly as if it’s a yes you are required to put your previous Visa number on next. We will urge you not to hide any information such as the Govt. can easily find out your previous visits from their databases. Next you put your Occupation, job title and your company name. Provide the company address and work relevant information accordingly. It’s important for the government to know also about your occupation to grant to ETA. In case if you are a student just fill out the form accordingly.

Step 04

Afterwards there are some “Yes/No” questions where you are required to answer them accordingly. These are relevant to your past visa and legal history in Canada along with your health situations whether you are fit to enter Canada. Once you have carefully selected the answers, You are required to provide a valid email address and a phone number to us for contacting you. Please be careful that your email address is genuine and accurate as we will send you the ETA approval documents only in this email address. So be extra cautious about it.

Step 05

Afterwards select your Visa Fees type as per your choice. In the regular visa, it takes around 2 -3 working days to process your visa, where in express you can get it in 2 hours max. The difference in costing isn’t much compared to the time differences, so please select wisely. Finally you will come to the end of our form where you need to make the payment. Just put your card details accordingly. Please use a valid card or method of payment. Remember without the successful payment of ETA Fees, your ETA application will not get accepted. At the end, you are required to give us and the Canadian authorities your consent on the whole activities regarding your ETA, Please read and understand the consent texts before giving your declaration finally. You are required to mark the check boxes and write down your name as per your travel documents to ensure your consent and declaration.

Step 06

When you are filling out every detail in the form please revise it once again so you can avoid spelling mistakes. Sometimes a small letter or number can become the very reason for your ETA refusal. Click on Submit finally once you are good to go. You will get an immediate confirmation of submission in your email box, Please check the spam box also in case you miss it immediately. That’s all on How to apply for Canadian ETA from ETA Canada Website. Please email us at [email protected] if you have any further inquiry regarding the tutorial. Thank you for choosing us for your ETA Canada.

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